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A new set of bathroom taps may radically transform the look of your bathroom. Everyone will find something they like in our collection.



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Strive Bath Filler Tap Brushed Brass
inc. VAT £345.00
In Stock: 27
Code: FB09109
MPN Code: AD03BB
Strive Bath Filler Tap Chrome
inc. VAT £255.00
In Stock: 25
Code: FB09103
MPN Code: AD03CR
Strive Bath Filler Tap Matt Black
inc. VAT £295.00
In Stock: 34
Code: FB09115
MPN Code: AD03K
In Stock: 10
Code: FB09110
MPN Code: AD04BB
Strive Bath Shower Mixer Tap Chrome
inc. VAT £300.00
In Stock: 9
Code: FB09104
MPN Code: AD04CR
In Stock: 13
Code: FB09116
MPN Code: AD04K
In Stock: 38
Code: FB09106
MPN Code: AD05BB
In Stock: 24
Code: FB09100
MPN Code: AD05CR
In Stock: 1
Code: FB10992
MPN Code: D05D
In Stock: 72
Code: FB09112
MPN Code: AD05K
In Stock: 19
Code: FB09107
MPN Code: AD07BB
In Stock: 28
Code: FB09101
MPN Code: AD07CR
In Stock: 33
Code: FB09113
MPN Code: AD07K
In Stock: 11
Code: FB09108
MPN Code: AD08BB
In Stock: 4
Code: FB09102
MPN Code: AD08CR
In Stock: 4
Code: FB09114
MPN Code: AD08K
In Stock: 8
Code: FB09111
MPN Code: AD88BB
In Stock: 7
Code: FB09105
MPN Code: AD88CR
In Stock: 10
Code: FB09117
MPN Code: AD88K
In Stock: 1
Code: FB10991
MPN Code: CG05MG
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